Edit current Meeting

To modify already existing meeting you must be the creator of the meeting or declared as moderator of the meeting. You first have to open the information window about the meeting. To do so click on the button from:

MEETING INFO window will come up:

  • To modify the meeting, click on the button to modify your meeting. You can edit all parameters except the meeting type, the community, and the start time if this meeting was already started.

  • You can delete your meeting by clicking on the button if this meeting was not already started. It is possible to change the ending of a meeting that has started.

If the meeting is a part of recurrent meeting it is possible to edit or delete all the meeting occurrences at the same time via the and the button.

Note: If EVO system detects that meeting reached its end time and should be finished, but there are participants which are still connected to this meeting, then EVO system will extend the meeting by half an hour slots up to the maximum extended period of one hour.